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No.8, 2006
Stay Away, Don't Stay Away
by Emma Hedditch

No.7, 2003
Laboratory Italy
by Wu Ming 1 & Luther Blissett

No.6, 2002
How I discovered America
by Stewart Home

No.5, 2002
What is to be done?
- Approaching the task through Debord and Negri
by Mikkel Bolt

No.4, 2001
Divided We Stand
- Notes on Scandinavian Situationism
by Howard Slater

No.3, 2000
A selection of documents and texts from an ongoing research programme into the alliance culture in UK in the 1990s
by Anthony Davies

No. 2, 2000
The Spoiled Ideals of Lost Situations - Some Notes on Political Conceptual Art
by Howard Slater

No.1, 2000
Excursions, Experiments,
Processes, Collaborations
by Jakob Jakobsen

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Take Me I'm Yours: Neoliberalising the Cultural Institution
Anthony Davies

Stay Away, Don't Stay Away
Emma Hedditch

Discussion (Stay Away, Don't Stay Away)
Emma Hedditch and Mike Sperlinger

Basic Instinct: trauma and retrenchment 2000-4
Anthony Davies

Notes on institution, anti-institutions and self-institutions
- the Control Seminar text

Jakob Jakobsen

The Third System
Simon Ford

We know too much these days
Johnny Spencer

Peace No More, The Houses of Parliament,
London 2003

Jakob Jakobsen

Why not show off about the Best Things?
- A Few Quick Notes on Social Conflict in Italy and the Metaphors used to describe It
Wu Ming 1

Introduction to Enemies of the State
- Criminals, "Monsters" and Special Legislation in the Society of Control
The Luther Blissett Project

Tute Bianche
- The Practical Side of Myth Making (in Catastrophic Times)
Wu Ming 1

How I discovered America
- Introduction and photos
Stewart Home

Peace No More, The Folketing,
Copenhagen 2002

Jakob Jakobsen

They don't want our desires today, EU Summit, Copenhagen Autumn 2002
Jakob Jakobsen

'What is to be done?'
- Approaching the task through Debord and Negri
Mikkel Bolt

Rimbaud: Intermediary Militant
- Through Rimbaud's Season In Hell
Howard Slater

Don't Worry, Be Happy
- Report on BerlinBeta 2001
Anthony Davies

They don't want our desires today, Mayday London 2001
Jakob Jakobsen

All Power to the Copenhagen Free University
The Committee of 15th July 2001

Operation Re-appropriation
- Infopool @ Tate Modern 9.2.2001

Culture Clubs
Anthony Davies and Simon Ford

Art Futures
Anthony Davies and Simon Ford

Art Capital
Anthony Davies and Simon Ford

The Art of Governance
- on The Artist Placement Group 1966-1989
Howard Slater

The Spoiled Ideals of Lost Situations
- Notes On Political Conceptual Art
Howard Slater

The Switch
Jakob Jakobsen

Fierce Sociology

A new table, which might not be understood as clean in modern terms
Jakob Jakobsen

The Chair Machine
Jakob Jakobsen

M1 - part one (Hostile Environments)
Ian Trowell

Hostile Environments
Dot Matrix

Traffic, Mare Street/Westgate Street
Henriette Heise

Seveso Zone A
Jakob Jakobsen

A Tour Of The Earthworks Of The New Metro In Copenhagen
Jakob Jakobsen

Why Psychogeography?
London Psychogeographical Association

Post-media Operators: An Imaginary Address
Howard Slater


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